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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fall 2012 Workshop Schedule

If you're interested in learning some fun metalsmithing techniques - such as enameling, raising, etching, and hydraulic die forming, then this is the post for you!

I know, this is the second post in less than a week's time - crazy.  But I want to go ahead and post this Fall's workshop schedule, as Fall is rapidly approaching! 

Exploring Enamels Workshop
Students will learn basic techniques in enameling such as sifting and kiln firing. We will also explore fun and contemporary techniques such as controlled over and under firing, inclusions and more. Students will make several samples and will have the opportunity to finish a few pieces to take home.

2 Day Workshop
Saturday, Sept. 15 - 10:00-4:30
Sunday, Sept. 16 - 1:00-4:00
Visual Arts Center of Richmond

Enameling is an ancient process where glass is fused to metal through heat. Students will experiment with enameling on copper and are encouraged to explore the possibilities that this process allows.  We will introduce a variety of enameling techniques such as sifting, stenciling, sgraffito, and basse taille. Students may apply these techniques to everything from pendants and earrings to decorative home items. No experience necessary. Most materials included in the fee.

7 Week Class
Tuesdays, Sept. 18 - Nov. 6  (No class Oct. 6)
Sawtooth School for Visual Art

NC Black Co. Micro Raising with Galvanic Etching Workshop
Raising is a process for forming sheet metal into vessel form using the metal's natural response to hammering. This workshop focuses on traditional techniques in raising, but on a small scale. Using tools specially designed and fabricated by the NC Black team, students will explore methods for creating miniature vessel forms. These methods can be used to create sculpture and jewelry as well as vessels.   We'll also explore Galvanic Etching - etching with electricity rather than acid - techniques and apply these to some of our raised pieces.  This is an excellent workshop for beginners as well as experienced metalsmiths who enjoy learning new techniques.  Students will focus on samples in copper, and will complete a raised/etched piece by the end of the workshop.      

This workshop is taught in tandem by Annie Grimes Williams and Julie Brooks of NC Black Co. Two instructors for the price of one means that each students gets more individualized attention from each instructor. All tools provided.

1 Week Workshop
October 1-5 (Registration Deadline August 15!)
Pocosin Arts Folk School

Hydraulic Die Forming in the Jewelry Studio - Part 2
In this workshop, we'll further explore hydraulic die forming techniques, such as texture plates, contained die systems, creating punches, and more! We'll also work with pierced and formed metal in the press, and try different techniques for altering pressed pieces. This is a great follow-up workshop to the beginning die forming workshop in the Spring, but any student who has basic/beginner knowledge of hydraulic die forming is welcome. Supply list available prior to the workshop.

2 Day Workshop
October 20-21 - 10:00-5:00 both days
Sawtooth School for Visual Art

NC Black Co. Micro Forming Workshop
Micro forming techniques are very useful in today’s market due to the rising cost of
precious metals. Using NC Black Co.’s specially designed tools, students will learn to
use thinner gauge materials to create voluminous and structurally sound forms. Students
will learn synclastic and anticlastic forming, as well as shell forming, all on a miniature
scale. We’ll get you creating small, delicate forms that can be used in jewelry and a
variety of other applications! This class is taught in tandem by Annie Grimes Williams
and Julie Brooks of NC Black Co. All tools are provided.

3 Day Workshop
Friday Nov. 2 - Sunday Nov. 4, 9am-5pm


Hope to see you this Fall! 

Please check back - I'm still adding late Fall / Winter workshops to the schedule!

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