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Friday, June 21, 2013

Finally! A Post About My Show at Quirk!

I promised pics from my show at Quirk Gallery in April, so here goes.  I know, it's 2 months later.  Explanation: the day I was installing my show at Quirk, Mark and I were on the phone back and forth with our real esate agent bidding on a house!  We ended up with the winning bid, and closed on our beautiful old house - a Craftsman Bungalow built in 1918! - a month later.  Since then it's been balls-to-the-wall with packing, moving, unpacking, renovations, etc.  I got my new studio up and running just in time to make a few extra last minute pieces for the Ocrafolk Festival on Ocracoke Island the first weekend of June.  Sadly, that trip got canceled due to a tropical strorm, but still took up a good deal of time.  Nothing like everything happening at once!

So anyway, here are some photos of new work as well as show installation!

Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA
A peek through the door at installation.

 SeaPod Wall Installation going up!

View from the front of the gallery.

Left Wall : Neckpieces

Right Wall : SeaPod Wall Installation Piece, Reef Jewelry, Seapod Rings

Center Table : Neckpieces, SeaPod Jewelry

Me with my work!

SeaPod Rings

Cone Cluster Neckpiece

Collected SeaPods Neckpiece
Pod Cluster Neckpiece
Pod Scarf Neckpiece
Chain of Pods Neckpiece
I had a great time with this show.  It was a ton of hard work and long nights leading up to the show, but totally worth it to see eveything all up and together!  I'm working on setting up other venues, but I would love some suggestions of places to show, and I would love to hear your feedback on my newest work!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check everything out!  More to come soon, I hope!