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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Debut: The Microcosm Collection

It's been a busy season, and it's not over yet!  Just wanted to add some images of new work that debuted at the Piedmont Craftsmen's Fair a couple of weekends ago.

These pieces feature a new technique I learned in Ken Bova's Torch-Fired Liquid Enamel workshop at Sawtooth School for Visual Art in September.  Other than a few pieces that have a little sifted enamel, the majority of these pieces feature ONLY white liquid enamel.  The color comes from the oxides in the copper being drawn up through the enamel when they are torch fired.  I LOVE this technique and plan to include it in more work soon!

I'm calling this the Microcosm Collection because of the nature of the torch-fired enamel technique, being somewhat controllable unpredictibility - each piece looks like its own little world.  I hope to have them up on my website and etsy shop very soon.  Enjoy!

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