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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pendant City

It's dreary and rainy in Richmond today, so that means a good studio day for me!  I got some more discs cut out yesterday among research, errands, dog-walking, and house-hunting, so today I was ready to go with the kiln!  And despite slicing my finger open on an unruly little earring (tsk tsk), I feel pretty good about today's work.  I enameled 12 reversible pendants.  The ones with 2 discs are a new design and will be debuted on etsy after I get some good photos taken.  Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow.   Hmmmm... I feel a song coming on.... (yes, yes, go ahead, my name is Annie... you know the rest.)

Anyway, here's a quick studio shot of today's enameling work.  The colors aren't the greatest because of the flash and angle, but like I said, a quick studio shot. 
One the right side of the photo you will see one side of the pendants, and on the left are the reverses of the same pendants.  Hence, reversible.  Fun!

These are also in the same color schemes as last week's earrings, so hopefully that will lead to sets being purchased.  Woo-hoo!  I'm also thinking some rings would be fun.  I'll have to work out the specifics, but I have a few sketches and a couple ideas in mind.  I will need to purchase some sterling silver though - so I'll need some buyers.  (Tell your friends!)

Until next time.... thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Annie... I am a friend of Catherine's from Marriott. You do such beautiful work- I wish I had a talent like this! I am a closet blog dork so I am going to add you to my follow pages! Would love to order some of your work for Christmas gifts this year! Gotta make a little more commission before thinking about the holidays just yet- will be in touch! Have a great day!!!

  2. Lauren, thanks so much for your interest and all the nice things you've said! I would love to work with you on whatever you'd like to purchase anytime. Just let me know what you're looking for whenever you're ready. (I'm impressed that you're already even considering Christmas - I'll probably think about it by, oh, Thanksgiving. Just try to give me a couple weeks' notice!) Thanks so much! Have a great day yourself!